Helios Brewing Company


Helios is the sun god of Greek myths. Each morning the rising sun marks Helios’ crossing over into the mortal world, driving a chariot drawn by wild horses that only he can control. Helios Brewing Company harnesses the sun’s power to sustainably create craft beer. Our brewing infrastructure has been custom designed to maximise energy efficiency, capitalising upon Queensland’s renewable natural resources. The brewery is a 15 bbl system with six fermenters and two brite tanks.
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Our beers are all based on Gods and monsters from Greek Mythology. Their individual characteristics are strongly represented by the style and type of beer we create for you. We are pleased to introduce you to the first few beers:
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The god of the sea, Poseidon, is celebrated in this American West Coast pale ale. With wave after wave of fresh American hops and a malt backbone to surf over the palette.

ABV ~ 5.3%
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With a nod to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, this seductive red ale has hints of spiciness from rye and liberal use of Australian hops. It will be difficult to resist her charms.

ABV ~ 5.7%
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The king of the Gods has hurled two thunderbolts of bitterness into this strong, but malt-balanced beer. Mere mortals probably aren’t worthy. Are you?

ABV ~ 9%
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Don’t be afraid of the darkness of the underworld. This stout is full-bodied but completely approachable. Fermented with roasted cacao nibs and fresh vanilla beans, there is a faint real chocolate/vanilla aroma and coffee bitterness but no chocolate sweetness.

ABV ~ 5.2%
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In his greed, King Midas wished for everything he touched to turn to gold. Lonely, hungry, and thirsty he repented and renounced his throne to live a humble and happy life. Midas’ Golden ale is refreshing with a crisp bitterness from layers of Australian and Kiwi hops; it is a perfect beer for a Queensland summer day.

ABV ~ 3.5%
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Revered for her wisdom and balance, Athena lends her name to this powerful and well rounded dark red ale. With toasted malt body and low bitterness, this ale will win the respect of any malt lover.

ABV ~ 5.4%

Seasonal or rotational beers

We also have our seasonal rotational beers, which may become part of the core range if there is plenty of interest.
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The Medusa Black IPA has been a favourite since its release. It is 5.8% and pours a deep black with ruby highlights and a lightly tanned tight foam. With layers of mollases, underlying caramel, hints of leather, liquorice and coffee. Drys out clean and bitter (from malt (acidity) and hops) and goes looooong.

Dry hops don’t play much of a role in this unit but are certainly in the mix.
All core range beer graphics and names are patent pending for Helios Brewing Company.