Helios Brewing Company

Helios a buzz with all trades!

There are so many moving parts in this place, and they all need to talk to each other in order to make spectacular beer for you. Glycol, plumbing, electrical, gas, solar thermal; it’s all happening.

Since the arrival of the equipment in mid to late October, we have been flat out finalising the connections ready to do a commissioning brew with the guys from Premier Stainless Systems (who we bought the brewery tanks and brewhouse from).

Once we got the tanks in it was all systems go, for our local contractors to work their magic and connect all the pieces together.

There have been a few hiccups along the way, including a bogged forklift into bitumen, some issues with the mill and augur, and some teething issues with the gas/boiler. But it is all working now, bring on brew day!

2017-11-17-contractors2017-11-17-graintube2017-11-17-contractors2 2017-11-27-brewerysetup