Helios Brewing Company

It arrived!


Well, another few weeks have progressed since our last post. Things are progressing so quickly it is hard to find time to share our story with you all!

The biggest news is that our equipment has now safely been shipped across the globe, going via Sydney and finally landing in Brisbane. Tony has been very busy organising the shipping companies and tracking the progress, arranging a place for the 4 x 40 foot shipping containers to sit and riggers to unload it all and move it inside the Brewery.

There was lots of excitement at Helios opening up the huge containers, peering inside to see the precious stainless steel. It was like Christmas came early. Scott and Charlie worked hard to put the tanks into position.

We have two 30 bbl fermenters and two 15 bbl ones, plus two brite tanks, hot and cold liquor tanks and the 15 bbl brewhouse. We actually have a spare 30 bbl fermenter… whoops. We were quite optimistic about the space we had available, and didn’t leave enough room for the boiler and storage space. So one had to go. Luckily we sold it almost straight away to Aether Brewing http://aetherbrewing.com.au who are currently expanding their system.




First unpack

Charlie unloading fv