Helios Brewing Company

Brewsvegas - Tuesday 13 March

Brewsvegas 2018 Facebook Banner

It’s our first year of Brewsvegas and we are stoked to be a part of a number of events held over the 10th of March - 18th of March. The first one is the Southside Breweries Tank Parties; see the details here;
Southside Breweries and the other big one is the Helios Bike Ride and beers on Saturday the 17th March.

“Brewer’s Trivia”

The next event we are involved with has been arranged by Archer Brewing; “Brewer’s Trivia”:
http://www.brewsvegas.com/event/brewers-trivia/. The event is on the Tuesday 13th March.

Grab some friends, buy your tickets, figure out your team name, and you'll nab yourself a table with a local brewer, as well as a free schooner of the collaboration beer = BNEIPA.


“Australia's Most Sustainable Beer Dinner”

In collaboration with The Embassy head chef, Rob Campell, our Helios beers will be paired with an environmentally sustainable menu. Scott will be speaking all about Helios’ sustainability features.