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BrewCon 2018

It seems like only last week that the annual BrewCon (IBA Brewing Conference) was held in Sydney.

But in reality it was actually held at the end of June…

Jayne and Charlie attended the conference; Charlie was there a few days earlier doing the Independent Brewers Association - Beer Award judging.

Jayne was lucky enough to score a trip paid for by Pink Boots Australia. Pink Boots is a society aimed to empower women in the brewing industry through education. The Facebook page for Pink Boots is here: https://www.facebook.com/PinkBootsSocietyAustralia/


Here are some words from Jayne before attending the conference and also on winning one of the Pink Boots Scholarships.

Last year I attended my first ACBC event solo and felt a little overwhelmed and excited within a big crowd of strangers. I was accidentally mistaken as a waitress, which made me feel even more out of place. I had no brewery (yet) and wasn’t technically ‘working’ in the industry. I sat in the sessions and had no idea there was so much complexity to different malts, hops and yeast. Then there were more complexities regarding beer foam. I realised then that making beer was actually a science.

With a new brewery and plenty of bills to pay, this year the conference was not considered an option. We need a pallet full of growlers asap and a few massive ingredients orders are almost due..

So I decided to apply for one of the Pink Boots Scholarships to get support to go to the BrewCon. I was so excited when I got the phone call to say I had been selected to go along!!

Besides getting a few nights away from my three young kids, this would give me a great opportunity to be beer swigging and networking with other people in the industry. Now our brewery is operating, it was great to talk to others to see what struggles and triumphs they were going through.

The brew day at Wayward brewing was awesome and it was such a great opportunity to sit with Terri Fahrendorf (the founder of Pink Boots) and hear her talk about malt and all things brewing. She is one amazing lady who keeps you in awe with every word she speaks.

Here I am with Mel from Rocky Ridge Brewing; another one of the Pink Boots Scholarship winners. We had a ball at the brew day.


I also met Kelly from Coal Coast Brewing Co at the BrewCon and told her all about Pink Boots. It was so nice to pass on some of my knowledge to her as she is just starting her brewing journey. Pink Boots is free and it opens up the learning opportunity for all women in the industry.


BrewCon had two separate conference sessions on during the day. So you could choose between the Business room or the Brewing room. The business side of a brewery often gets overshadowed by it’s more glorious sister (the beer tasting, new styles, techniques, the science behind the beer and of course the hops). But the brewing side can’t forget that it needs a successful business to run the show. So I hung out in the Business room most of the event.

I enjoyed the marketing and advertising sessions and the finance talks. I know it takes a lot to make a business grow and it was great to soak up any information I could so I could be a part of the overarching industry growth and to build our brand and sales in Australia. Some people might find it’s the boring side of brewing, but it is important.

The trade hall was massive! So many stalls to go and look at and just not enough time. We were looking into canning options at the time and there were plenty of places advertising can machines, labels, packing solutions etc. I had my calico bag filled up with samples and freebies. If you’re starting a brewery it is definitely worth going to get names of suppliers and see samples of products in real life.

The BrewCon also included the opening night dinner, which was a highlight! It was held in the old railway buildings and there were jugglers and people on stilts. Wow, just mind blowing the effort that went into the event.

It may sound strange but one of the highlights of the week for me was talking to other people and actually giving them advice on how we tackled things with our setup. Although we are only new ourselves, we have actually learnt a lot in the past year. It wasn’t until I spoke to people in their first few months of opening or pre opening when I realised how far we had come and how much we had learnt. It was also nice to talk to people who were legitimately interested in what Point of Sale system we went with, how we priced our beer, what our accounting system was and how me managed our invoices etc. Most peoples eyes glaze over when you talk about that stuff. For the record, we went with the Kounta POS, linked with Tyro Eftpos and XERO accounts.

At the BrewCon event it was so great to hear about Teri Fahrendorf (founder of Pink Boots) and the story of how the society was founded and how it came by its name.

If anyone out there is interested in Pink Boots and how to keep in the loop with other women in the industry, the details are below. Follow the webpage and Facebook to see when they are putting gout the next scholarship. It is definitely worth it and I’ve made lots of new connections that will help me moving forward with our brewing venture.


The Pink Boots Society was created to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.

Pink Boots Australia membership is open to women who are actively employed or retired from a career in the beer industry, who are in the process of opening a brewery, or are students currently enrolled in a beer industry focused program.

Membership is currently free! If you would like to join email info@pinkbootssociety.com.au

Pink Boots Australia is a society aimed to empower women in the brewing industry through education. The Facebook page for Pink Boots is here: https://www.facebook.com/PinkBootsSocietyAustralia/

First Birthday Celebrations!

1st Anniversary Promo Image 1 - Version2

It’s our first birthday, so we want to celebrate by releasing a new IPA and also Kronos in bottles!


Khaos is our new IPA brewed on 28/11 to celebrate the date of our very first brewday and will be released for our 1st Birthday next Saturday. Whilst not a behemoth at 6% and 50 odd bitterness units it will surely punch you right in your nose holes. Using some old favourites in the hopping department, Centennial and Amarillo hotside with some El Dorado and Vic Secret.

Kronos Big Breakfast Stout (ABV 11%) bottles

Special release Kronos Big Breakfast Stout (ABV 11%) bottles will also be available.


Tap Line Up - Movember Weekend

For Movember we wanted to celebrate how important our friends are. So we are running a number of guest taps at Helios this weekend (from the Thursday 22nd November to the 24th).

The line up for guest taps from our old and new friends this weekend is:

Two Birds Brewing. - Passion Victim 5.0% ABV. Here is the description of the beer Two Birds has decided to send its most passionfruity beer out into the world, combining the Galaxy hops that make Pacific Ale what it is with a couple of citrusy, fruit salady US hops (Mosaic and Amarillo) and, just to be sure, some passionfruit puree.

3 Ravens Brewing - Juicy IPA 6% ABV. In the endless pursuit of hoppiness, 3 Ravens have taken some quite extreme measures (and hops) to create a fresh new take on the intentionally hazy Vermont-style IPA. They’ve done without crystal malt and boil hops, relying instead on Australian-grown triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye) and rolled oats, heavy whirlpool and dry hop additions – including one very generous (and hilariously rule-breaking) dry hop addition at the start of fermentation.

Feral Brewing - War Hog American IPA 7.5% ABV. Prepare to be tagged and bagged as this Full Metal Jacket of an American IPA rains an apocalyptic, resinous hellfire of clustered hops and passionfruit aromas upon the senses.

Philter Brewing XPA (Extra Pale Ale) 4.2% ABV. Naturally cloudy with tropical fruit aromas, a distinctly refreshing hop flavour and balanced finish make this an easy-drinking winner.

Newstead Tara House Red 4.8% ABV. Tara House is packed with Pale, Supernova, CaraRed, Choc Wheat, Aurora and Toffee malts to create a full flavour but not too overpowering

White Lies Brewing - Raspberry Sour 4.9% ABV. A deliciously tart and fruity little mother-pucker!

Black Hops - Egg Nog Stout.

Bravo Brewing - Happy Chappy Session Ale. This deep golden session ale is a real crowd pleaser. A trio of hops lend balanced pine, citrus and stonefruit flavours, and from the malt, subtle notes of bread and toast.

Opening Hours - Thursday 4-9pm. Friday 12-9pm. Saturday 12-9pm.

Charlie, Tony and Scott clean shaved their beards off on the 1st November and they are on a mission to grow a Mo and raise awareness to Mens Mental Health. We have set up an official Movember Foundation donation page so you can donate to the cause. The link is here:



(Beer will be on tap and not in cans as shown in the pictures)
Source: Photos are from the websites of our brewing friends.

Show us Yours - November


The next 'Show us Yours' event will be any style of beer. Home brewers can bring in a bottle of their own brewed beer, and Charlie will taste it and provide feedback on any improvements and tips on home brewing. Learn from his many years experience.

WHEN: Thursday 29 th November
WHERE: Helios Brewing Company. Corner of Palomar and Varley Street, Yeerongpilly.

Open from 4pm on Thursday. Bring in any style of your home brew.

Movember -Helios and Friends, Old and New

Charlie, Scott and Tony will be shaving clean on 1 Nov 2018 and then growing a Mo'.

Here is a photo of the four of us pre-Movember shave downs!


We'll get an event up shortly to raise some much needed funds for Movember Foundation to help men with their battles with mental health.

Scott and Cynthia’s beautiful dog Meli is joining us as before she has her summer trim up. She's so lovely!

We'll also be running a tap takeover from the 22nd to the 24th called Helios and Friends, Old and New; to celebrate how important our friends are.

We will celebrate by having a selection of beer on tap at Helios from breweries around the country. Beer from industry legends Feral brewing, Two birds brewing, Philter brewing and 3 ravens brewery to name a few!

All this shaving and Mo' growing will be supporting the Movember Foundation. The link to how to donate to the Movember Foundation is here:


Soon we will provide the post-shave down photo and Mo' growing photos!

Opening Hours - Thursday 4-9pm. Friday 12-9pm. Saturday 12-9pm.


Christmas is coming !

Thinking about your Christmas party celebrations ? Email us at a info@heliosbrewing.com.au to book a table.

We have a large area overlooking the brewery which is perfect for functions. Live music on Friday or Saturday nights. Food trucks on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Xmas Promo - Graphic

Beermuda Triangle Experience

Our first Beermuda Triangle Experience is on Saturday 20th October.

Three breweries, 30 beers, and a shuttle bus connecting all three points of the Beermuda Triangle...lose yourself in the triangle on Saturday October 20th 2018.

Featuring: Helios Brewing, Slipstream Brewing and Ballistic Brewing.

* Opening hours of individual brewers vary. Complementary bus shuttles will run from 2-8pm.

We will have Eight Quarters Duo playing live at Helios Brewery from about 5pm.


The Beeries


Charlie, Jayne and Scott dressed up for the night of nights in the brewing industry; The Beeries (photo courtesy of The Beeries).

We were nominated for two Beerie awards: The Best New Brewery award and The Gold Beerie for 'Best community contributor'.

The event was held at The Brisbane Showgrounds convention centre. The food was great, the room was packed and there was heaps of top quality beer available.

We held our breath when the award winners were called out. But unfortunately we came home empty handed. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us and also congratulate the winners of the awards.

Thanks to The Beeries for a great night out.


Results of Civil War - Battle of the Breweries


The Civil War was a long hard fought battle with only one side Victorious. A great weekend of fun with people tasting beer from both sides of the Brisbane River. The Northern brewers battled hard and fast, alas could not beat the strength and might of the Southern brewers. The final tally was 44% for the Northside to 56% to the Southside.

For those that want to know how the beers lined up:

* Brouhaha’s Milk Stout vs Black Hops Eggnog Stout. Feedback from the crowd was that the Stouts were one of the hardest to choose a winner. Northside’s Brouhaha came through with the win.

* Croft (Archer) Brewing The Doc Flanders Style Brown Sour vs White Lies Brewing Raspberry Sour - White Lies Brewing Raspberry Sour was the flavour of the night with more votes received for the Southside.

* Newstead’s Tara Irish Red vs Helios’ Goddess Red Rye. A close battle of the team captains General Fergus “Stonewall” Seppanen from Newstead going out hard. However it was Charlie ‘Rebel Yell’ Hodgson from Helios Brewing who came through with more votes at the end of the weekend.

* Bravo Brewing’s Happy Chappy Session Pale Ale vs Ballistic Pale Ale. This was the closest battle of the weekend. Bravo Brewing from the Brisbane's Northside came through with the overall win.


Civil War - Battle between breweries

Our first Beer Annual Civil War is being held this weekend at Helios!

This weekend at Helios we will be hosting our first Civil War Event.

Ever wanted to taste the same style of different breweries beer head to head in a tasting paddle?

Choose a paddle with two styles (either Red, Pale Ale, Stout or Specialty). Then you'll get one 200ml taster from each side of the river; North and South.

Pick your favourite on a judging sheet.

This Friday and Saturday, 27th and 28th September. 4-9pm. Helios Brewing, Cnr of Varley and Palomar Road, Yeerongpilly.

Four Breweries from the South will go Head to Head with four Breweries from the North in a beer battle for the ages.

A Pale, Red, Dark and Specialty from the South and same from the North in a blind public voting where you'll know the Breweries but not who's brewed what.

The brewery line up for the South is:
- Helios Brewing
- Ballistic Brewing
- White Lies Brewing
- Black Hops

The Northside:

- Newstead Brewing co
- Bravo brewing
- Archer brewing
- Brouhaha


Civil-war promo



We've been nominated for two Beerie Awards!

We feel very honored to be nominated for two Beerie Awards:

* Best New Brewery.
* The Gold Beerie for 'Best community contributor'.

As we are newcomers to the beer scene in Brisbane, we didn't expect to get a nomination for a Gold Beerie. So you can imagine our surprise when we received the phone call about our nomination! We were very excited!

The details of our nominations and how you can vote online are on The Beerie webpage: https://www.thebeeries.com/vote-now

Then there is a big party on the 20th September to celebrate and find out who the winners are. You can buy tickets too, just check out The Beerie's website for details.

What The Beeries had to say about us: "Nominated for their commitment to environmental sustainability, we love that Helios Brewing is producing great beer with great environmental practices. A true leader in our community setting a wonderful example for us all to follow."



Here is a link to our video all about ‘supporting local’ and ‘environmentally conscious brewing’.

Pasted Graphic

It’s our half year anniversary!


It’s our half year anniversary!

It may seem small to some people, but it is our half year anniversary. Over the past six months we have learnt so much about running a business, brewing beer, wholesale sales, marketing, customer service, council approval processes, certifications. The list goes on.

So we thought we would celebrate this milestone with you and thank you for your continued support.

Friday the 13th July - from 4:00 pm

* Wear your Helios t-shirt and buy a beer. You get the second one for half price!
* Bring in your Helios branded Growler or Squealer and you get it filled for half price!
* Buy a Helios branded Growler or Squealer on the night and fill it for half price!

(Whoa that was a lot of exclamation marks)

We will have a Food Truck onsite for the night

A great brewery needs to have great beer. Head Brewer Charlie clearly shows his strengths in that area. He makes great beer! Customer feedback has always been fantastic and he is central to the Helios Team. Scott also has shown why he is a certified brewing judge by creating delicious beer recipes. He also spends a lot of time sourcing local contractors and developing our continual improvement in our environmental sustainability processes. Tony had the vision for the bar design and sourced the wood for the bar top and the front. He also chose our floor coverings, lights and furniture. Jayne does lots of the ‘behind the scenes’ items with the accounting, excise reporting, invoicing and social media.

Here are a few photos of our early days at the ‘warehouse’. We marked out the floor to show where the equipment would go. We also hired a cherry picker so the graphic designer could paint the Helios mural on the wall before the tanks arrived.


Brewsvegas - Tuesday 13 March

Brewsvegas 2018 Facebook Banner

It’s our first year of Brewsvegas and we are stoked to be a part of a number of events held over the 10th of March - 18th of March. The first one is the Southside Breweries Tank Parties; see the details here;
Southside Breweries and the other big one is the Helios Bike Ride and beers on Saturday the 17th March.

“Brewer’s Trivia”

The next event we are involved with has been arranged by Archer Brewing; “Brewer’s Trivia”:
http://www.brewsvegas.com/event/brewers-trivia/. The event is on the Tuesday 13th March.

Grab some friends, buy your tickets, figure out your team name, and you'll nab yourself a table with a local brewer, as well as a free schooner of the collaboration beer = BNEIPA.


“Australia's Most Sustainable Beer Dinner”

In collaboration with The Embassy head chef, Rob Campell, our Helios beers will be paired with an environmentally sustainable menu. Scott will be speaking all about Helios’ sustainability features.