Helios Brewing Company

Introducing Charlie - The Head Brewer

Charlie Hodgson Helios Head Brewer

We searched the globe for the perfect brewer and feel very privileged to have found Charlie. Charlie has a wealth of brewing experience, and is moving to sunny Brisbane to be the Head Brewer. He will be on board when our equipment lands in Australia very soon, ready to brew you tasty beer.

Charlie, can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

“I started my brewing journey in the late 90's as a kit homebrewer with my awesome supermarket purchased "brewhouse”.

The progression, as for most I would say from kits, to extract and hopping, to mini mashes to full grain, was steady. Wow, what a disaster that first full grain brewday was!

I applied for a job at Houghton wines as a Vintage Cellar hand in Dec 99 and was successful in getting a start. If you work hard you might get a full time gig. 6 years later I'd learnt all I could from crushing and pressing, managing ferments and oak work to various types of filtration.

I studied for and achieved my General Certificate in Brewing and Packaging while I was still working in the wine industry.

In 2006 I started my brewing career at Gage Roads Brewing co and spent a further 5 years there. I learnt a hell of a lot about commercial brewing from people I'll always hold in very high esteem.

In late 2011 I was approached regarding a Head Brewers role at Mash Brewing. Needless to say I had to back myself and give it a go. The rest is history really, I've worked with some amazing brewers at both breweries and have overseen success with life long friends here at Mash that few breweries can match.

We've always remained humble and are constantly looking at and questioning our practices, recipes (some change often, some never do) and processes.

I can't wait to start my new role in what looks like an exciting and rapidly expanding brewery scene in Brisbane with Scott, Tony and Jayne and putting the Helios Brewing Company firmly in peoples minds when they think of local owned and brewed Queensland craft beers.

Stay tuned!”

A big welcome to Charlie.

(Photo source: Charlie)

Introducing Tony

Tony Rutter Helios Owner

Tony loves all beer. Yes, it’s true. We quizzed him about his favourite, and he said “ummm everything….”. He loves a Sour beer, Pale Ale, IPA and a Chocolate Stout to round out the night.

Introducing Jayne

Jayne Rutter Helios Owner

Jayne has always loved beer. But by having three children within four years, the need for great beer was stronger than ever. Jayne’s favourite beer is an IPA, but also loves Pale Ale and Red IPA. Hoppy beers make Jayne happy.

Introducing Scott

Scott Shomer drinking

Scott knows his beer and loves the variety it can bring. He was the original mastermind behind the Helios Brewing Company.