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Tap Line Up - Movember Weekend

For Movember we wanted to celebrate how important our friends are. So we are running a number of guest taps at Helios this weekend (from the Thursday 22nd November to the 24th).

The line up for guest taps from our old and new friends this weekend is:

Two Birds Brewing. - Passion Victim 5.0% ABV. Here is the description of the beer Two Birds has decided to send its most passionfruity beer out into the world, combining the Galaxy hops that make Pacific Ale what it is with a couple of citrusy, fruit salady US hops (Mosaic and Amarillo) and, just to be sure, some passionfruit puree.

3 Ravens Brewing - Juicy IPA 6% ABV. In the endless pursuit of hoppiness, 3 Ravens have taken some quite extreme measures (and hops) to create a fresh new take on the intentionally hazy Vermont-style IPA. They’ve done without crystal malt and boil hops, relying instead on Australian-grown triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye) and rolled oats, heavy whirlpool and dry hop additions – including one very generous (and hilariously rule-breaking) dry hop addition at the start of fermentation.

Feral Brewing - War Hog American IPA 7.5% ABV. Prepare to be tagged and bagged as this Full Metal Jacket of an American IPA rains an apocalyptic, resinous hellfire of clustered hops and passionfruit aromas upon the senses.

Philter Brewing XPA (Extra Pale Ale) 4.2% ABV. Naturally cloudy with tropical fruit aromas, a distinctly refreshing hop flavour and balanced finish make this an easy-drinking winner.

Newstead Tara House Red 4.8% ABV. Tara House is packed with Pale, Supernova, CaraRed, Choc Wheat, Aurora and Toffee malts to create a full flavour but not too overpowering

White Lies Brewing - Raspberry Sour 4.9% ABV. A deliciously tart and fruity little mother-pucker!

Black Hops - Egg Nog Stout.

Bravo Brewing - Happy Chappy Session Ale. This deep golden session ale is a real crowd pleaser. A trio of hops lend balanced pine, citrus and stonefruit flavours, and from the malt, subtle notes of bread and toast.

Opening Hours - Thursday 4-9pm. Friday 12-9pm. Saturday 12-9pm.

Charlie, Tony and Scott clean shaved their beards off on the 1st November and they are on a mission to grow a Mo and raise awareness to Mens Mental Health. We have set up an official Movember Foundation donation page so you can donate to the cause. The link is here:



(Beer will be on tap and not in cans as shown in the pictures)
Source: Photos are from the websites of our brewing friends.

Movember -Helios and Friends, Old and New

Charlie, Scott and Tony will be shaving clean on 1 Nov 2018 and then growing a Mo'.

Here is a photo of the four of us pre-Movember shave downs!


We'll get an event up shortly to raise some much needed funds for Movember Foundation to help men with their battles with mental health.

Scott and Cynthia’s beautiful dog Meli is joining us as before she has her summer trim up. She's so lovely!

We'll also be running a tap takeover from the 22nd to the 24th called Helios and Friends, Old and New; to celebrate how important our friends are.

We will celebrate by having a selection of beer on tap at Helios from breweries around the country. Beer from industry legends Feral brewing, Two birds brewing, Philter brewing and 3 ravens brewery to name a few!

All this shaving and Mo' growing will be supporting the Movember Foundation. The link to how to donate to the Movember Foundation is here:


Soon we will provide the post-shave down photo and Mo' growing photos!

Opening Hours - Thursday 4-9pm. Friday 12-9pm. Saturday 12-9pm.