Corny Keg Refills Brisbane

Are you looking to get your corny keg refills from a Brisbane brewery?

Helios Brewing is one craft beer brewery that offers corny keg refills for a modest price. We offer most of our craft beers as available for corny refills, but this may change based on availability. 

Please read the FAQs below the video to learn more about our process, requirements and your responsibilities. 

FAQs About Corny Kegs

What's a Corny keg?

A corny keg is usually used in a home brew scenario allowing you to drink at home from a beer tap.

Usually they’re 19L but can be smaller volumes. Unless you brew the beer yourself, you need to get it filled somewhere.

Where better than a craft beer brewery around the corner in a Brisbane suburb? 

How long will a corny take to fill?

At Helios we will usually ask you to leave the keg overnight during the week, or over the weekend on a Friday.

Planning is key here. We’re a working brewery and can’t always stop to fill your corny keg while you wait. It’s because of this we ask that you drop it off as soon as possible so we can get it filled when you need it.

What condition should the corny be in?

We take care of beer from the moment we start brewing it until the time it’s sold. It’s not only a bad reflection on you if your kegs are dirty, but our beer quality can be compromised.

All we ask is for you to clean your corny keg, sanitise it and keep it under positive pressure with CO2 before dropping it off.

Failure to do this may result in us charging you a cleaning fee of $50 before we even put beer into it. This ensures our beer tastes great at your place.

How much does it cost to fill a corny keg?

Our beer prices change based on the beer itself.

Some beers are made with a large amount of hops, which are expensive, or are a higher alcohol content than others. All of this can affect the price of the beer that you want to buy.

To get a price or find out what beers are available to you, send us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What’s the benefit to getting a corny keg refilled at Helios Brewery?

There’s so many benefits to choose from, but we’ll pick two.

First, we’re a brewery that makes very tasty, balanced craft beer. You can take this beer home in cans from our fridge or maybe in a squealer or growler that we pour off the tap. But if you really want fresh craft beer at home, pouring from the keg like we do, you’ll need a corny.

Secondly, the price per litre of beer purchased by you is much less when you buy it in bulk. 

Are all taproom beers available to be refilled?

Technically yes, but in actuality no.

There are some products that are limited edition seasonal that we might not have enough of to fill a keg for you. Other products might be something we keep available in our taproom only, such as our cider. 

To find out what we have on tap at any time, check here. If you have a specific question though, get in touch via email, as we may have stock in the cold room. 

This should pretty much clear up any confusion over corny keg refills and how we handle them.

Any questions just hit up the venue manager via email.