Helios Announces Excise Tax Price Changes

The latest reduction in excise tax for artisanal brewers has created some sweet relief here at Helios Brewing Company. After many spreadsheet calculations, we’ve decided to use a portion of that relief to reward the people who have supported us in our three plus years of business.

Scott Shomer, Helios Owner
Helios is pleased to announce a reduction in prices of our beers to our wonderful customers.

On July 1st, 2021 we will immediately reduce the takeaway price of all our cases of beer by $5 and all 4-packs by $1. Growler and squealer fills will also see significant reductions, but will vary based upon ABV. We are able to do this because of the relief in excise taxes the government has extended to artisanal brewers. While the tax relief really is only for beer packaged after July 1, we are not going to wait to start passing on savings to our fans that have supported us for so long. Customers that are delighted with the premium Helios Brewing deserve the savings and we are pleased to be able to do this.

The excise tax changes are a real game changer for Helios and small producers trying to compete in a market dominated by very powerful, large players and international conglomerates. We are already looking at putting on more staff and expanding into new markets. I believe this is the reason the government wanted to support the small, burgeoning craft beer market, not just to increase the profit margins of the existing players. We are most happy to be able to “pay it forward” to our fans as a part of our strategy.

We will be taking a closer examination of prices over the bar in the coming weeks and will likely adjust prices on a sliding scale based upon ABV. More on that later…
Scott (owner)


Excise Tax Reduction is Great News For Punters

So there we have it, right from our owner Scott in what we are wanting to do for our customers at the venue. It’s probably not something that everyone can do, but we’ve worked hard to make sure it’s in balance with being able to invest more in our brewery while giving you something back.

Helios Brewing is already able to save much more than just excise tax, due to Scott’s design of our sustainable and eco-friendly brewery. If you didn’t already know, we have 56 photovoltaic solar panels that provide power to the brewery every day, with excess exported to the power grid for others to use. Couple that with the 3 solar thermal water heater arrays on the roof that can reduce water heating requirements substantially.

What was a modest initial cost to the brewery at the start of operations, has helped us to greatly reduce long-term power and gas costs. With the assistance of the tax relief we have identified scope for monetary relief for the punters that support us regularly, and those who give us a chance the first time alike. 2021 has been a growth year for Helios already, bringing on more staff, increasing beer production and landing a great distribution deal with Liquid Specialty Beverages in QLD and also now through Lotus in Victoria and SA.

Yes, the excise tax relief has already been a boon to us as a company because we are able to project savings ahead of time. But, we’re also able to pass on some of those savings to our punters so you too can share in some of the relief, and good beer.

A Great Part of the Craft Brewing Industry

Please understand, Helios’ business model of big, complex, often high alcohol beers meant we were hit with unusually high excise taxes which we often absorbed to try to keep our products cost competitive. Different sized breweries with different volumes of production, distribution, and alcohol contents will all have different responses to the relief. Every brewery is different, managing multiple facets of a business industry that takes more than it gives sometimes.

A brewery is a complex manufacturing environment that just happens to produce great products we all love, beer. Each one is tasked with their own financial strategy and we as a brother to them all stand and support them in anything they do. We are tremendously grateful to the members of this industry that fought to get us some relief, and to the government for making it a reality, thank you.

Helios Brewery Yeerongpilly

Helios Brewing Company is a proud member of the Independent Brewers Association (IBA) and we’re fiercely independent, with our owner Scott living within 6km of our brewery. You have probably seen him zipping around the city in our custom wrapped Helios mini electric van. Check it out here!

We are supported by a great team of staff from the head brewer right through to our casual bar staff who love coming to work. This excise tax relief is as much about helping them grow and continue to learn within our brewery home as it is about giving a discount where we can. For that, and to all our punters, thanks for sticking by us. To anyone new to the Helios brand, welcome, and we hope to see you in the taphouse soon.