Helios Raises A Glass To Awards Finals

Helios Brewing Company has been announced as a finalist in the annual Lord Mayor’s Business Awards in the Environmental Sustainability in Business category.

The prestigious awards celebrate the achievements of some of the most innovative, entrepreneurial and creative businesses operating in Brisbane and being announced as a finalist is a nod towards the innovative,  sustainable brewing technology that has been developed by Helios.

The sustainable production of craft beer is increasing within the brewing industry however, this was the intent of Helios since the inception of the brewery. 

Environmental Sustainability

Scott Shomer, co-founder of Helios Brewing Company, was an environmental scientist before embarking on a career change in brewing craft beer and applied his experience and expertise to developing a sustainable brewing model.

The result is a highly energy efficient brewery that only uses solar power to make the range of Helios craft beers.  While solar power is a common fuel source for many businesses, utilising this technology for beer manufacture was not an easy solution, which meant Scott worked closely with  solar manufacturers to innovate the technology and develop a viable sustainable brewing system.

The sustainability credentials do not start and end with solar. Helios makes local deliveries in an electric van, the spent grain (waste) from brewing is used to feed livestock and as a dog friendly brewery the grain is also used to make treats for the furry visitors.

Environmental Benefits

To date, Helios has reduced CO2 emissions by 98, 807 KG, which is the equivalent of planting 1831 trees and has saved 572, 800 litres of water which is equal to 1,347, 765 schooners of beer!

Scott said being announced as a finalist in the Environmental Sustainability in Business category was testament to the innovations that have been made to create a sustainable brewing process.

“Harnessing the power of the Aussie sun to make our craft beer was just the start of our sustainability goals. From minimising waste, reducing our carbon emissions and investing in eco-friendly initiatives, we are continuously pushing our sustainability ambition; we see it as  a journey not a destination.”

The winners will be announced on 22 October 2021. Fingers crossed!