Helios Brewing Distributing Through Lotus in Vic & SA

We’re proud to announce that Helios Brewing Company has secured a partnership to distribute beer throughout Victoria and South Australia. Lotus Beer Collective will be the exclusive distributor for Helios into these markets and we’re excited they took us on board. 

Lotus support many other independent small breweries, cider makers and meaderies from around the country. As a small brewery from the suburbs of sunny Brisbane in Queensland, we couldn’t be more proud to stand alongside a couple of other breweries near to us. Both Revel Brewing and 10 Toes are also represented down south and this just proves how good QLD beer is. 

Helios Brewing is now into our 4th year of production and haven’t previously distributed beer in bulk regularly anywhere outside of 100km of our brewery. During COVID we started our Shopify store to allow people anywhere in Australia to buy our products. We’ve also sent a pallet or two to Perth, Melbourne and NSW, but not often. That was dipping our toes in the water and showed us that people further away like our beer! How awesome is that? As a small producer, it’s always humbling to see people from far away enjoying our beers. Check out our owner Scott standing proudly with our pallets before they leave!


Growing a Brewery in Small Steps

Being able to distribute our beer to one of the largest craft beer markets in Australia has taken time to work out. The logistics of a small brewery such as ours, producing as little as 60,000L annually, and inking a deal to send bulk quantities south is huge for us. 

One massive reason is the ethos of Helios to not turn into a massive production brewhouse. This goes against what our owner Scott Shomer and head brewer Charlie Hodgson are about. That being said, every business has to turn a profit somehow. Along with that, 60,000L isn’t a huge drop in the craft beer market anyway. The need to balance our core business ideals as well as produce beer to get to market fresh is always on our mind. 

We made a collective decision at the start of 2021 to make this year one of growth and change. One of the first steps was taking on a couple of sales people to get the word out there. Both Adsy (Assistant Brewer, Brand Ambassador, Venue Manager) and Andrew (Ulster Distributions) have helped to introduce many new markets for Helios in our local area. This has meant that more beer is flowing into the market, and it’s fresher than ever! 

Helios Beers in Lotus Beer Collective

Our first two pallets of beer left the brewery on Tuesday bound for Lotus Beer Collective by the end of this week. Hopefully timed to perfection for a sneaky keg of Medusa (our award winning Black IPA) and a public holiday festival down there, provided lockdowns are eased.

We’ve sent a large selection of our beer range in both kegs and cartons. Expect to see some of the last stock available of Dionysus, our double NEIPA, Medusa Black IPA, Icarus, our brand new DIPA and many others. There’s even a tasty keg of our latest Pegasus, a tropical pale ale that is full of juicy goodness. 

Canning in our venue this week is a huge run of Hades and Goddess. There’s currently been no stock to fulfil orders of this as we have just been hammered in the trade. This is a great example of how fresh our beer is, but we’re disappointed we’re not able to fulfil orders until later this week. No brewery likes to run out of beer, especially us. A couple of weeks ago we pushed out a new version of Cyclops IPA as well, so that’s tasting extra fresh.


Great Things to Come to Lotus

We know our audience in the southern states is huge. We’ve got a great following through many people on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook who are probably salivating at the news that a local bottle shop could soon be stocking one their favourite Helios beers. If you’re a southern state local, keep an eye out for Helios beers popping up. We’re constantly updating our Untapped lists to make sure any beer of ours you buy you should be able to find also!

Lotus are on board with bringing you guys some of the freshest beers we have available, and our big dark beer we do for winter, Kronos, is actually being brewed this week. This year’s Kronos is a big and powerful dark beer that we’ve never done before. He’s one of four from our Kronos range as we give it a twist each year. Expect something special from this pound for pound fighter of a beer. Here’s what the Crafty Pint said about last years beer.

Still to also be released is a new beer we thought we’d never do, a fruited Berliner Weisse. Prometheus is conditioning well and is due for release in kegs only in a couple of weeks. We juiced this beer up with heaps of fresh raspberry and enough tartness to make it a perfect beer at only 3.5% abv. 

So that’s our news about our new relationship with Lotus and sending beer to Victoria and South Australia. Who’s keen to grab some fresh Helios beers from their local over the coming weeks? We’re super proud to be supplying Lotus and can’t wait to see how our beer fares. 

Cheers all, from the Helios Team!