Six Counties Irish Lager

Six Counties was born when Helios was approached by one of our sales reps, Andrew, to design a beer for the Northern Ireland Centenary. Initially, we struggled to listen. But we finally got used to his accent and excitability on the topic of brewing a special beer for him to commemorate the event, so we were on board.

We would brew a beer in collaboration with Andrew and his business, Ulster Distributions, to celebrate the 100 years within the Union.

So where do we start? We didn’t know anything about what he wanted to produce, or what we could do that would do the celebration justice.

Early on the name was decided as Six Counties, namely, Londonderry, Antrim, Tyrone, Down, Armagh and Fermanagh. We decided on a craft style Irish Lager after looking at a fairly reputable large Irish brewery and some of the beers they make. The goal was to make it our own style, and we’ve pretty much kicked it out of the park!


Northern Ireland Centenary

Northern Ireland was formed on 3 May 1921. It has a population of under 2 million people and despite a troubled and violent past, has enjoyed more peaceful times recently.

During this Northern Ireland Centenary year many will celebrate 100 years of greatness within the Union, including an historic shipbuilding past at the Haarland & Wolf Shipyard. Many a Belfast person will tell you in a pub that “The Titanic was alright when it left here”.

Northern Ireland has also punched well above its weight in sport and proudly boasts of World Champions in Boxing, Golf & Motor Sports.

Six Counties was designed in mind to celebrate all the people that live in the Six Counties of Northern Ireland, its achievements, beauty, and to another 100 years of greatness just like the beer we’ve produced.

Six Counties Session Lager

The Six Counties Session Lager is a Helios interpretation of what a session is. A cheeky nod to our Northern Ireland fans, both here in Australia and around the world. We’ve brewed a clean and sessionable lager, powered by the Aussie sun.

We’ve brewed this beer with minimal malts, keeping the grist clean and tidy. It’s been given the best treatment in our brewery with a cold fermentation and extended cold conditioning. This has been used to enhance a refined palate and accentuate some of the New World hops renowned for their complex lemon and orange citrus notes.

It sits well in the can as well as the keg, and may pour with a slight haze due to our crafty nature of packaging an unfiltered product. A nice crisp, easy drinking lager to celebrate 100 years.


Around the World

No one except for Andrew could have predicted the meteoric reception that this beer release has had. Not only have we been fielding messages from all over Australia with people buying it, but from all over the world! To steal a classic Irish phrase, what a craic!

Old mate Andrew has featured in a couple of videos for us to promote the beer. He dropped in on the brew day to give us a helping hand, and again to drum up some excitement for our launch party on July 4th at our venue.

When we said that the news went global, we’re not lying. We’ve had orders from Canada, US, and of course, the UK and Northern Ireland. We even ended up on the front page of the Belfast Telegraph and in a video!

As a brewery, we’re proud to have been able to bring this celebration to life. Stock has been flying out the door and the celebrations come to a head this Sunday with our beer launch event. Unfortunately here in Brisbane we’ve had a snap lockdown that ends on Friday hopefully.

We can’t wait to see what you think of this beer, we love it!