For every $5 raised through this auction, we will donate and plant a tree to help improve the environment. 


If you cannot get to Helios in person, do NOT bid on this item. We are not posting this item to any location. You need to come in and pry it from our cold dead hands yourself! We’ve taken care looking after it and won’t give it up unless you turn up.

Want to own briefly and then drink a piece of history?

We dug around in our cellar and found a super rare bottle of our 2018 Kronos, carefully been cared for over the past 3 years. While in there digging around however, we also found a 2019 bottle! If you’ve been hanging out for this years Kronos, maybe having one of the very first bottles to pair with is something you’d enjoy.

Kronos 2019 came in at 11% abv and was a limited as it was aged on some oak. This beer was something special and you know what, it still is.

Auction information:

  • Minimum bid is $5
  • Product has a reserve that must be met before it will be sold
  • Auction ends at 10am AEST July 8th
  • Auction is reserved for local pickup only in person
  • First / Last name will appear in bid list (enter your initials if you don’t want your name to appear)
  • Email address is hidden from other bidders