eco-friendly sustainanable brewing

Helios Brewing Using The Power Of The Sun

Helios is the Sun God of Greek myths. Each morning the rising sun marks Helios’ crossing over into the mortal world, driving a chariot drawn by wild horses that only he can control. Helios Brewing Company harnesses the sun’s power to sustainably create craft beer.

Our brewing infrastructure has been custom-designed to maximise energy and water efficiency, minimize waste and carbon-footprint while capitalising upon Queensland’s renewable natural resources. We do all of this for maximisisng our efforts towards eco-friendly sustainable brewing. 


Solar Powering The Brewery

Currently, 59 x 335 w photovoltaic solar panels and a 15KW inverter power the brewery. During a typical Queensland day, we export 40% of our power produced to the grid. Some of this power is also banked as cold water storage. 


Solar Thermal Water Heating

In a first for an Australian brewery, we worked with Endless Solar in Melbourne to design an innovative solar thermal system where cold water is passes through 90 evacuated tube collectors on our roof and heated to over 90°C.


Helios Brewing's Electric Van

We own and run our very own Mitsubishi MINICAB MiEV for running events and doing deliveries around Brisbane. It’s a nifty little van that’s pretty zippy and is charged in-house using our solar power generated from the brewery.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Brewing

Making 100% solar powered beer remains a personal goal for the owners. With power and gas prices rising steeply, using fewer resources than industry norms not only is a green option; it makes good business sense.

Throughout its brewery production and practice, Helios aims to minimise its carbon footprint and maximise eco-friendly sustainable brewing. 

Moving forward, when battery technology is sufficiently advanced to support 3-phase power, we will link our solar system to batteries – then will strive to have Helios’ nighttime power usage also be entirely solar based.