our team

Scott Shomer - Helios Owner

Scott has been an avid home brewer for over 25 years and has created many award winning beers including his Belgian Strong, Dubbel, and Scottish Wee Heavy, winning the silver and bronze medals respectively at the U.S. National competition.

He has also been a certified beer judge (BJCP) since 1997, and a climate change, sustainability advocate trained by Al Gore in 2007.

Charlie Hodgson - Head Brewer

The Head Brewer of Helios Brewing Company. Charlie is a talented brewer with many years experience in designing and brewing award winning craft beer.

We searched nation wide for our Head Brewer and had many a worthy applicant before we received an email from a Head Brewer in Perth.

Charlie started home brewing in the late 90’s before starting his journey towards brewing for a living in the wine industry.
6 years from 2000 as a Cellar Hand at Houghton Wines in Perths Swan Valley gave him a very solid grounding in a large cellar environment.

He gained a Certificate in Brewing and Packaging from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling while still in the wine game. 2006 saw a start a Gage Roads Brewing Co progressing from an assistant brewer to a senior role inside 2 years. 2011 was a move into his first Head Brewers role at Mash Brewing Co back in the Swan Valley again.

A quiet start soon blossomed into hauls of trophies across the country’s show scene including:

  • Champion Australian Beer and Champion IPA for “Copy Cat” at the Australian International Beer Awards and multiple Gold medals there since.
  • Champion Draught Beer at Royal Sydney with his Amber Ale “Russell”.
  • Champion West Australian beer and Champion Commercial beer as well as 2014 and 2015 Champion West Australian Brewery at home at the Perth Royal Beer show.

He’s also judged at Perth Royal Beer Show from 2014 onwards.

Charlie has settled in well at Helios and already showing off Belgian Ales, Single hop IPA’s and Black IPA’s as well as some tidy Lagers, IPA’s and more. Here at Helios he’s scooped many awards for our current beers such as Medusa, Dionysus, Kronos and all of our other gods.

Adam Schell - Assistant Brewer

Adsy, as he is more frequently known,  has been with Helios since the start of 2021. He’s an avid home brewer that never left us alone, even during COVID lockdowns.

Adsy is a passionate home brewer and member of the IBU, who has won himself a couple of awards for home brewing and has also twice placed 3rd in Australia for making cocktails. He’s brewed beers for us at Helios before with an American Brown Ale, as well as being part of the home brew crew that brewed the Belgian IPA.

He’s studying brewing at TAFE and working at Helios to gain even more knowledge. He’s a certified Cicerone Beer Server and he’s only recently he gave up his job at Country Brewer Jindalee where he would support and offer advice to fellow home brewers. I guess you could say that he’s a professional now, to some degree.

While also famous in-house for making videos that are informative and others that are entertaining, much to the dismay of Charlie, he’s also the venue manager of the brewery taphouse and he’s on the road doing sales at other times.

He’s always up for a chat, loves talking about beer and has a penchant for a good yarn, usually his own.

Joel Thomas - PR & Marketing

You might not see him most of the time…but he’s there. Behind the camera, behind the screen. Filming, editing, creating posters.

Making the Helios team ‘look good’ across social media and beyond. Joel definitely earns his beers.

Dane Steinke - Venue 2IC

You would know Dane if you’ve met him before, because he’s probably the tallest bartender in Brisbane. We also make him change all the light bulbs. 

He’s also an integral part of the Helios admin team, responsible for managing bookings, functions, rosters, food trucks and entertainment.

Sarah Neal - She Who Drinks

To try and justify her beer bills and consumption, Sarah used her spare time during Melbourne’s COVID lockdown to study for and become a Certified Beer Server. Now on the road to Cicerone, she has ended up at Helios Brewing, is part of the maiden Pink Boots mentoring program and is forever trying to find the perfect West Coast IPA.

She has a passion for the perfect pour (a beer clean glass is a must!), finding the perfect drink for each person who walks in the door, and shaming anyone who walks in wearing a Broncos jersey.

When Sarah is not standing behind the bar telling everyone her opinions on beer, you will find her watching netball (Go Vixens!) at home with her puppy Denzel, and cat Agent Jack Bauer.