Helios Brewing Company

Our new craft beer brewery opened in December 2017. Located on Brisbane’s Southside at Yeerongpilly, we have a 15 bbl brewery system which is run by our Head Brewer Charlie. Charlie is a professional brewer and he sure knows how to make great beer!
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We have a bar downstairs, and plenty of seating upstairs. We’ve got some games for the kids to play while you sit back and relax. Or you could play too. We are also ok with dogs, as long as your dog is friendly and doesn’t bother other patrons.

If you are looking for something to take home to drink, we sell Growlers and Squealers which you can fill with any of our beer on tap. We happily fill Growlers and Squealers from other breweries too.
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Environmental specialists

The owners Scott, Tony and Jayne are all environmental specialists. They met working in the industry many years ago. So it made sense to make the brewery as environmentally sustainable as possible. The building is solar powered, hence the name Helios:
Helios was the Greek sun God, tasked by Zeus with driving a chariot carrying the sun through the sky each day for all mankind. Helios Brewing Company uses the power of the sun to create craft beer sustainably. By designing the brewery from the ground up to be water and power efficient we are aiming to do right thing by the environment.

Meet the team!

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CHARLIE: The Head Brewer of Helios Brewing Company. Charlie is a talented brewer with many years experience in designing and brewing award winning craft beer.
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SCOTT: He knows his beer and loves the variety it can bring. He was the original mastermind behind the Helios Brewing Company.
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TONY: Tony’s dream job was to own a brewery. We quizzed him about his favourite beer, and he said “ummm everything….”. He loves a Pale Ale, IPA and a Chocolate Stout to round out the night.
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JAYNE: Jayne’s favourite beer is an IPA, but she also loves Pale Ale and Red IPA. Hoppy beers make Jayne happy.
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