Hands on at Helios with the Cabal

6am on a Saturday morning, firing up the brew house...it's not usually how we do things at Helios. This time though, we made an exception for Mick from the Crafty Pint, as he brought along six lucky guests to join our head brewer Jake for a brew day!

How did these six punters get the chance to join in? They're members of the Crafty Cabal! All members had the chance to snap up some limited tickets for this brewer for a day event, not to mention all the other special offers they can receive for being a member.

With breakfast and coffee provided, the team were all ready to mash in around 7am. The beer is a special one, the return of a limited release that we've brewed once in the past...what is it? Well, you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more on that later!

Once most of the brewing work was taken care of, the guests were treated to some tasters of beer and a talk by Helios owner, Scott, about the solar powered set up of the brewery and how it all works.

A great morning was had by all, and we're keen to see this limited release beer back on tap and in can soon!

Check out the Crafty Cabal website here for more info on how to sign up.

Thanks to journeywithmim on Instagram for the images.