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Welcome to Helios Brewing

In Greek mythology, Helios is the sun god. Each morning the rising sun marks Helios’ crossing over into the mortal world, driving a chariot drawn by wild horses that only he can control.

Helios Brewing Company harnesses the sun’s power to sustainably create craft beer. We’re constantly looking for ways to be more efficient with our power, water and sustainable practices. Watch our video here

The brewing infrastructure at Helios has been custom-designed to maximise energy and water efficiency, minimise waste and carbon-footprint while capitalising upon Queensland’s renewable natural resources. We do all of this for maximising our efforts towards eco-friendly sustainable brewing.

In 2021, our achievements in sustainability were recognised the annual Mord Mayor Business Awards, when we received the award for environmental sustainability in business


Our Next Event

Open Mic Night

Helios hosts a wide range of events from Comedy nights, Trivia, Home Brewing Competitions and more!

To find out what’s coming up visit our events page here

Our taproom is also a great space to host your next event, to find out more visit our functions page here.

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