Helios in Yeerongpilly

The Helios brewery is located in Yeerongpilly, a southern suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and just a short drive from the city. It’s name can mean “rain coming” or is a combination of Aboriginal words that mean rain “yerong” and gully “pilly”. This small leafy suburb tucked into the outskirts of the city boasts many historical locales and is surrounded by even more.

As a Brisbane brewery, located in sunny QLD, we’re focussed on harnessing many natural resources such as solar and thermal, while also being as environmentally friendly as possible. We strive to be a venue that welcomes locals and visitors alike, whether it’s your visit or one of many.


It’s one thing to sprout about being local, but it’s another to really reinforce how important local is. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that supporting your local small business helps more than just that business. Those employees will spend more money in the area, keeping the economy plodding along.

At Helios, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Being a Brisbane brewery means supporting as many local businesses as possible. Be it the electrician or plumber, both of which who helped build Helios Brewing live on the same street as the brewery! Watch the video and see Scott (he had hair when we filmed this) talk about why it’s important to be a local small business.

Taproom Venue

The most exciting thing about brewing beer is getting people to taste it and seeing their reaction when they love it. Lucky for us, we get to experience that every week as we open our doors to the public so they can come and relax in our venue and drink some tasty craft beers.

Want to try some of our beers? You can find us 15 Palomar Rd, Yeerongpilly, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. We’ve got a bar downstairs and room to relax upstairs.

Our taproom is open four days a week. Thurs 4-9pm, Fri & Sat 12-9pm and Sun 12-5.30pm.

Bookings are not required but recommended for groups of 8 or more so we can ensure there’s tables set aside for you.

The Helios Team

Scott Shomer – Owner

Scott has been an avid home brewer for over 25 years and has created many award winning beers including his Belgian Strong, Dubbel, and Scottish Wee Heavy, winning the silver and bronze medals respectively at the U.S. National competition.

He has also been a certified beer judge (BJCP) since 1997, and a climate change, sustainability advocate trained by Al Gore in 2007.

Jake Harrison – Head Brewer

Jake joined the Helios crew in late 2022, and got to work quickly knocking out some cracking new beers.

Local customers may recognise Jake from his time at Ballistic Brewing just down the road from Helios, in particular, his work on their Bunker Project series.

He's also had experience in the world of environmental planning and homebrewing...we think he's gonna fit in just fine!

Sarah Neal – General Manager

To try and justify her beer bills and consumption, Sarah used her spare time during Melbourne’s COVID lockdown to study and become a Certified Beer Server. Now on the road to Cicerone, she has ended up at Helios Brewing, is part of the maiden Pink Boots mentoring program and is forever trying to find the perfect West Coast IPA.

She has a passion for the perfect pour (a clean beer glass is a must!), finding the perfect drink for each person who walks in the door, and shaming anyone who walks in wearing a Broncos jersey.

When Sarah is not standing behind the bar telling everyone her opinions on beer, you will find her watching netball (Go Vixens!) at home with her puppy Denzel, and cat, Agent Jack Bauer.

Ev Lloyd – Venue Manager

Full of energy and passion, Ev joined the Helios team in early 2023 after a number of years experience in the industry in venue management and brewing.

At Helios, you'll often find Ev working away behind the bar, making it look pretty. Or perhaps even find him in the brewery assisting head brewer Jake with the creation of more mouth watering beer!

Joel Thomas – PR and Marketing

You might not see him most of the time…but he’s there. Behind the camera, behind the screen. Filming, editing, creating posters.

Making the Helios team ‘look good’ across social media and beyond. Joel definitely earns his beers.

Jason O'Halloran – Brand Ambassador

A fresh face to the Helios team, joining us in early 2023, Jason brings many years of knowledge from the beer and wine industry.

Having spent plenty of time in the industry at a range of bottle shops, and with an undeniable passion for all things beer (and wine), we're very happy to have Jason repping the Helios brand throughout South East QLD.


We’re proud of the eco-friendly advances that we use when brewing beer, because we know the impact it has on the environment. Our owner Scott is a nerdy environmental engineer with a passion for being sustainable.

Our brewery was designed with the environment in mind. Our focus is always driving to produce a better product with minimal impact on the world around us.

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Eco-Friendly Sustainable Brewing

Making 100% solar powered beer remains a personal goal for Helios owner, Scott Shomer. With power and gas prices rising steeply, using fewer resources than industry norms is not only a green option; it makes good business sense.

Throughout its brewery production and practice, Helios aims to minimise its carbon footprint and maximise eco-friendly sustainable brewing.

Moving forward, when battery technology is sufficiently advanced to support 3-phase power, we will link our solar system to batteries – then will strive to have Helios’ night time power usage entirely solar based.

Solar Powering The Brewery

Currently, 59 x 335 w photovoltaic solar panels and a 15KW inverter power the brewery. During a typical Queensland day, we export 40% of our power produced to the grid. Some of this power is also banked as cold-water storage.

Solar Thermal Water Heating

In a first for an Australian brewery, we worked with Endless Solar in Melbourne to design an innovative solar thermal system where cold water is passes through 90 evacuated tube collectors on our roof and heated to over 90°C.

Helios Brewing's Electric Van

We own and run our very own Mitsubishi MINICAB MiEV for running events and doing deliveries around Brisbane. It’s a nifty little van that’s pretty zippy and is charged in-house using our solar power generated from the brewery.

The Beers

Helios currently has a core range of six beers that include Poseidon Pale Ale, The Goddess Ravishing Red Rye, Cyclops IPA, Hades Bitter Chocolate Stout, Zeus Thunderbolt DIPA, and Pegasus Tropical Ale.

Throughout the year we also release a range of seasonal limited edition beers. These include our annual Kronos beer, that changes each year, but is always based around a big, bold, strong style. These have included a range of Imperial stouts, porters, and strong ales so far.

Medusa is our Gold medal winning Black IPA, that proves highly popular each year on it's release, as does our annual Dionysus NEIIPA.

Keep an eye on our socials for news on upcoming seasonal releases and limited edition beers.

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